Lost in Trnaslation

Todays thought is study abroad related, though may also apply to all of you out there who speak another language. Let me know in the comments below.

Language is a strange and slippery beast, kind of like a frog. As an egg it is simple and round, your frases have reason and shape. As a tadpole it is hard to see and to imagine what it will become. As it grows it becomes a strange alien beast harder still to comprehend, for each moment you imagine you have a grasp on it it changes and you find yourself staring at something you, yet again, do not understand. Eventually you have this large(ish) slimy beast. It is complex and slippery. Sometimes it squats and is ugly, it croaks in an ugly way which I cannot seam to control. At other times it leaps and is beautiful, it brings together people and places.

Sometimes it is just plain strange. When I first arrived in spain, almost a year ago, I would hear english everywhere I went, not becuase that was the language in use but rather the language my brain thought in. Now, back in the states, the opposite is happening. I am now, for example, listening to my Isabelle, my favorite Spanish TV show, and everyone around me is speaking in Spanish, or at least that is what my brian keeps trying to tell me. This flipping of languages, this changing of chips, this capturing of the language frog is hard, but the person next to me just said they like man parts really loudly in spanish or at least that is what my brian heard.

Do you ever change your language chip and overhear silly conversations that never happened? Share your story below!