Friday Flashback: Scares in Sweden

It has been almost exactly a year to the day since I set off on my Swedish adventure. My friends and I explored Stockholm and Uppsala, a college town north of Stockholm. The trip made me feel as if I had come home. These tall blonds were my people in a way that the suave small Spaniards could never really be. Sweden made a huge mark on my and for that lets celebrate.

Sunset in Uppsala

To start out our adventures let me introduce

Scares in Sweden: A Halloween Adventure in Uppsala

It turned out to be the perfect place to celebrate Halloween. Anyone who has visited a college town during this ghoulish holiday can attest, to the abandon which college students have when celebrating Haloween. Uppsala was no exception though its flare for decoration did not however become evident until the sun went down, at about 4:30, and the lights of the city came on.

The lights on these houses changed and danced on the water.

The lights on these houses changed and danced on the water.

Later that evening I would learn how well the body language of Minnesota, especially my northern relatives, translated to my new Swedish friends. I was able to laugh and dance the night away, or until midnight, in Uppsalas only club. It was a night to remember.

Keep dreaming,