What is Wanderlust and what are you doing about it??

Life is an amazing thing. It changes and grows. It explodes around us sometimes and we must simply land where it takes us. Sometimes we must take life by the horns and remind it who we are and where we want to go.

It has been two months since I posted here and all of that (above ^^) and more has happened in my life. In the end friendships have ended and new ones begun. Flings have been had and I am now with a man who makes me happier than I thought possible, but I must not get lost in it. I must not. I must not lose myself and my wanderlust.

Now I do not pretend I am the only one to undergo these battles. Sometimes things like a bank statement make it impossible, but what am I, what are you, what are we doing about it?

Here is my plan. Remember, rethink, reinvent, revolt.

Remember. I will remember what it is to wander. I will reorganize and go through my photos, finally. One album a week until they are done. I will share them with you.

Rethink: I will reevaluate my wanderlust goals and what I am willing to sacrifice. I will decide what I would have to have here to give up my dreams of going there. I will share this with you.

Reinvent: My bank account is hurting. I will reinvent what wanderlust means to me, on this budget, in this place. I will book another trip. I will be able to afford it. I will set one long term travel goal and keep track of it with you.

Revolt: I will not be held back. I will be my own person. I will wander free.

What are you doing in the new year? How do you make sure you are wandering and what do you do when the wandering becomes hard?