A month gone but mono’s still on

I have vanished from the nation and I apologize; mono has been wrecking havoc on my life. Then I got a sinus infection. Then my boyfriend, who I was quickly falling for, decided he was “emotionally unavailable” and left without explanation. Now you don’t get any more story than that because I have used up my quotient for self-pity and am adjusting to my new normal, filled with snot and fatigue. Life moves on and dreams don’t stop.

Today’s piece is a part of a series I am working on to remember my time abroad. The piece is called ¡Vivas!. (I apologize for the photo quality)




The original image (below) was taken at Mercado Oliver, in the fish department. I used to wander through the isles of sweet fresh produce and those who had a far more pungent smell, but were filled with the wonders of the sea. These white lobsters are a delicacy native to the waters between Mallorca and Menorca. Sold fresh, they would slowly move their tenticals when touched, made slow by the ice they sat in.



What have you done to remember your travels lately? Do you have any photos you wish were fine art? Submit a photo and you may see it here soon.