Bright Adventures

Well I guess I should insert obligatory apology here along with some promise to return to this neglected blog, but I won’t because there is a HUGE possibility that life will envelope me again and I will disappear unexpectedly. Apologies to all of you. Now… Moving on.

To a quick update. I am 100% again and the mono appears to be gone. So YAY!

Now onto the business at hand. Adventures.

A part of reworking my adventure goals is to explore locally and so my new friend Ian and I decided to go on a nature walk. The information we found online seemed to show a nice shady walking path along a local ‘lake.’ Well we were slightly misinformed, but had fun anyways.

Iowa City, Iowa

The wooded bit was a short dead end trail, but we did explore a cool abandoned basement.

Iowa city, Iowa

The majority of the path was open grassland, in the hot sun, without sunglasses, our bad for not remembering.


There was a ‘lake’ (I put it in quotations because Minnesotans would probably call it a large pond) which was lovely.