Terminal two: Mallorca 2.0

20140531-094840-35320588.jpgLiving in Palma I knew exactly when I had to leave my house and catch the bus to make my plane on time. I probably could have even navigated to my terminal blind folded by the end of my time there. I came to revel in how quickly I could get through.

Today I leave for my first long distance adventure in almost a year! I couldn’t sleep last night, dreading security and long lines here in the states, but then I realized I was leaving from terminal 2. Fast and efficient this this large metropolitan airport feels like the one in Clear Lake, Iowa, small and quaint. I can’t say I hate it.

Now I just have to make sure my bag clears as a personal carry on. Thanks Spirit, at least I’m paying pennies to fly and New York City here I come! I just need to say hello to Detroit first.