Go Once A Year

Pinterest QuoteWhen you study abroad it is easy to imagine that you will return home and continue your wanderlusting ways. I am hear to tell you that unless you have a trust fund somewhere funding it all, it is a hard reality to make happen. Travel is expensive not just because of the cost of physically going, but also because of the time it takes out of your home life. I am probably preaching to the choir on this one, but just because there are inhibitors to travel does not mean that it is not important. In fact for me the rarity of the event makes it even more precious.

I can find myself on occasion becoming bogged down in the burdens of working two jobs, going to school, and trying to stay sane and healthy, but this cannot become an excuse. So, I scrimp and save. I put money into a jar each week for travel. Sometimes it is just a dollar or two sometimes it is twenty or more, whatever I can spare. Then once a year I count it all out (ok so I really count it like once a month, but there are no hard and fast rules to the jar) and I book a ticket and I go. This year I went to New York City for a week and visited friends there.


Just hope when you go your map is better than this NYC version. Even if they are pursuing a noble cause.

Where will I go next, I don’t know.

Where are you going next?  I doesn’t really matter. Just GO!

And if you need something to spark your inspiration, check out my blog every day for the next few weeks  I will be posting adventures from New York City. Stay tuned and check out tomorrows… surprises from Chinatown!