Liebster Love

liebsterawardMy first award! Yay! 

First and for most many thanks to Lucia and the whole gang at Unexpected Wanderlust. This great group of travelers are off to see the world and have some really great stories to share.

What is the award?

For those of you like me who had no idea what the Liebster Award is the verdict is still out on that one. Here is what I have come to understand:

  1. It is generally ment for new or under recognized bloggers, i.e. bloggers with fewer than 200 follower.
  2. It can also occasionally be given to bloggers who inspire you, the new blogger.
  3. Give a shout out to the person who nominated you (so they can read your answers)
  4. Answer the questions your nominators send to you.
  5. Pick anywhere between five and ten other new (or inspiring) bloggers and nominate them for the award! (I picked seven, it seamed like a good middle number)
  6. Ask those bloggers seven questions
  7. Tell them that you nominated them

Questions Answered

Bonus if you include a dog.

Bonus if you include a dog.

1. If you had an all expenses paid vacation to the destination of your choice, where would it be?

Everywhere! (Cop out answer I know so…) I would go one of two places. Madagascar to visit my best friend, who goes to school there at present. Failing Madagascar I would love to travel to all on the contiguous states in the United States in a camper (one of the cool retro ones or one of these Tonks, not the megaliths like the one my great-uncle has).

2.What is one city you want to visit after seeing it in a movie or a book?Narnia


Talking lions.

Need I say any more?

3. Who is a really interesting person you’ve met while traveling?

One of the most interesting people I have ever met while traveling was a Spanish expat living in Stockholm. He is a rock fracture engineer and one of the smartest men I have ever met. Yet the greatest thing about him, even though he looks nothing like my family, is that he made me feel like I was at home, even though I was thousands of miles away.

I found family in Sweden.

I found family in Sweden.

4. Do you prefer traveling with other people or alone?

I prefer the mostly alone method. Even when attempting to travel alone I always find myself surrounded by the most interesting people. Traveling alone is really traveling mostly alone, but if I want to spend the day reading my book at a street café or sitting in front of a Monet no one complains.

5. What is one place you went that you had low expectations of but ended up loving?

I had very low expectations of Lisbon. I am not a huge raver and a few friends of mine had been there a few months before I went and warned me that it was just that kind of experience. On top of that it was my first time traveling for more than a few days solo. I couched surfed while I was there. I fell in love with local culture and crushed hard on my couchsurferes friend. Really it was a spectacular vacation and Lisbon was pretty cool too.

Everything in Portugal seemed to taste good!

Everything in Portugal seemed to taste good!

6. What’s the best “food city” that you’ve been to so far?

I visited this small town in central Portugal a few years ago, Coimbra (pronounced Queem-bra). There I met a woman, whose name I still do not know. (It is one of the things I regret most from that trip) She was from Lisbon and we met in our hostel. We began to talk and spent the next two days eating our way around the college town of Cuimbra and the country side. On our last night she made me her family recipe for clams. Still one of the best meals of my life.

7. Planes, trains, automobiles, boats, bikes, or your own two feet? What’s your preferred mode of transportation?

I would walk everywhere if I could. Whenever possible stay off of planes. I like to see, really see the countries I am traveling in and the faster you go the harder that becomes

Blogs I nominate

1. Rush of Sun

This Finnish blogger brings the north country alive. I have always wanted to live in or at least visit this country of my ancestors and she really brings the country to life.

2. Ashley’s Adventures

Ashley is a dork just like me and her writing is fresh and new. All around I think she’s pretty awesome and I think you will too.

3. The Nobby Life

This fashion and travel blog makes me wish I was a slick and cool as its authoress.

4. Girls Run the World

These sisters from down under (New Zealand) run around the world the way I wish I could. They are spunk and athletic and all around pretty amazing.

5. One Wandering Soul

She booked a ticket a she went. This delightful lady blogger is doing what I wish I had the guts to do when I graduate. She just went for it. Some called it indecision I call it having chutzpah.

6. La Vie En C-Rose

She lives in Lyon  and she makes it her own. I may not want to be here, but I sure want to be her friend. (I hope that dosen’t sound weird)

7. Europe and Yonder

If my questions have not shown this enough I am kinda in love with Travel. This explorer brings Europe right to my computer. It all just tickles me pink.

To the bloggers above

Congratulation! I, a person of little consequence, thinks you rock. Now it is your turn to share the love. Read the rules above (WAY at the top) and, if you would be so kind, answer my questions.

  1. What makes you so excited that when you talk about it your arms flap around like you were trying to imitate a bird?
  2. What is the one food that makes you think of home the most.
  3. What is one place you could never go back to and why?
  4. Describe a time when everything went terribly wrong and it was the greatest thing that could have happened?
  5. If you could do anything on your bucket list what would it be?
  6. If you could have anyone follow your blog who would it be?
  7. Favorite travel song.

That’s not too hard is it? I hope not at least. I can’t wait to hear from all of you and don’t forget to nominate other awesome bloggers who you think deserve some love too!