Free to be Free

Many attraction, museums, etc. will have one day a week or month when admission fees are optional or by donation. Never, ever, fee guilty about paying what you can, for me that is often just a few dollars. Traveling is expensive and my daily budget is often no more than about 10-20 dollars, that includes meals, local transport, and fun things to do, it does not include lodging. When you are in a place like New York City twenty dollars does not generally go very far, so I did a little research and found three great free, or nearly free, activities. Over the next three days I will tell you a little about all of them!

First up…

Bronx Zoo, New York City

The Bronx Zoo

Whatever ‘they,’ whoever they are, have to say about Zoos and the Bronx, throw that out the window and brave the subway. (A small aside I was staying in the Bronx with a friend and, even though I live in a small town in Iowa, I always felt safe in the Bronx, especially during the day.) The zoo was beautifully kept and you could tell that they are putting the time and energy into upgrading the animal exhibits so that the animals have enough space and stimulation, though they still have some ways to go. It was worth every penny I spent there, just three dollars on a VERY large ice cream. Please enjoy!

(Hint: Stories hidden in with the pictures, especially the flamingos)

What other people say

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And don’t forget to come back tomorrow to learn about more great free places in NYC