A Journey Through Time and Space

A part of the Museum Madness series

American Museum of Natural History

The name ‘American Museum of Natural History’ is deceiving because this New York staple offers a portrait of natural and anthropological landscapes old and new from all over the world and even the universe.

Both my dad and I got to see these majestic creatures, though his experience was WAY cooler.

There were four parts of the Museum which really held me captive. The first was the famous Hall of African animals. Not only are the microscapes well maintained and designed it struck a chord with me, as my dad was fulfilling a life dream at the time and was on safari in South Africa. This exhibit made me wish I could visit Africa as well.

Natural History Museum, New Yok City

Next up on my to three things at the Natural History Museum were the anthropology halls. Each of the inhabited continents were represented and I learned so much about the cultures of different continent. I could only skim the surface, but even then, it was an amazingly broad yet comprehensive look at human culture around the world. Amongst the many great exhibits I particularly loved the above exhibit of traditional African demon costumes, which represented everything from demons, to the dead, to gods and spirits. All of them were foreign to me and all of them were beautiful.


My third answer may feel a bit like a cop-out, simply because it is a broad answer, but I loved the path of evolution. The top floor of the museum walks you through the basics of evolution, but is so much more than the basic videos that you expect to see (though there was a video introduction). The floor plan walks you through the evolution of everything from dinosaurs to turtles to cloven foot mammals. There were so many amazing bones and scale models of what scientists think that the animals would have looked like in life.

Natural History Museum, New Yok City

Finally the museum draws you to the scale of the universe both big and small. The upside down planetarium gave you a tour of New York and the exterior sphere gave scale to the universe from mega stars to the atom. The exhibit left me feeling both giant and small within the universe.

The outer planets relative to the size of our sun (that's the big white ball)

The outer planets relative to the size of our sun (that’s the big white ball)

In the end it was a journey through space and time.

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