Green High Tops

High Line, New York City

I think what I missed most when I was in New York City was, well quite frankly, anything green. I mentioned this to my friend Isabelle early on, being from Seattle and living in NYC she agreed whole heartedly. She also challenged me to start looking up when I was exploring the city. ‘You’ll notice,’ she said, ‘that the problems that make New York suck, tend to go away when you are rich.’ She was right, I started looking up to the tops of buildings and noticed trees peaking over the tops. While it was too dark at street level for anything green to grow, those individuals privy to rooftop gardens felt the pining for green less than I did.

My good friend Isabelle looking fabulous as always

My good friend Isabelle looking fabulous as always

‘But what about central park?!’ you might say. Well, central park was beautiful (look for some pictures from there in a few days), but it was too groomed to make me feel really at peace, too cultured to make the part of me that needs a little wild feel comfortable. There was one place however, which was both beautiful and wild, while still recognizing that it was in the heart of one of the largest cities in the world.

High Line Park

Running through lower west Manhattan the park is constructed on nearly two miles of converted rail way tracks. I explored this wonderland on my last day in the city with my great friend and local, Isabelle.

Besides feeling overwhelmingly blessed I had two consistent thoughts when I was walking through the park. The first was simply how beautiful it was. The space has a beauty no only derived from the landscaping and the plants, but the way that it fits into its environment. The park seams to have grown out of the city landscape, it is both urban and rugged; refined and beautiful. Here street art and industrial urban construction were at their best.

High Line Park, New York City

The second thought I had while exploring this urban wonderland was how much Busia (my mother’s mother) would enjoy the space. I saw through her eyes the landscaping choice, the versatility and variety of plants used and the clever way in which they mixed in industrial and natural elements.

This park was truly a blessing and I recommend it to anyone visiting New York. Besides it is all free and open so the public so how can you dislike that?

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