Million Dollar Question

When traveling the million dollar question if often ‘what is this trip going to cost?’ A lot of those costs come down to what it is going to cost you to get there, what it is going to cost to sleep somewhere, and what it is going to cost to get the time off. We often forget to ask, however, what it is going to cost us once we get there. How much pocket money do you need? What is the general cost of living compared to what I am used to?

My first major trip outside of Spain was to Sweden. Why Sweden? Because it sounded interesting and the flight was cheep. However when we got there we found that our money did not stretch very far. While we had an amazing time regardless a few minuets research might have shown us that we would have been able to do a lot more had we sprung the extra $60 to go to Prague.

It can be hard to know this information thought. What is life really going to cost me? This question becomes even more pertinent the longer you are there. If a beer in southern Spain costs the equivalent of a dollar but is going to cost you up to ten in Sweden, you are going to find yourself broke quickly. So do some research and check out this hand cost of living comparison website that not only allows you to select your countries, but also your cities and currencies of comparison. I may not know what 800 Swedish Kroners are worth, but I certainly understand $115 USD.

What tips and tricks do you use to make sure you have enough not only for the trip, but for when you get there too?