Another Title About Stars

Minnesota All-Star Game

Baseball Stars that is

This last week I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the MLB All Star Game. My dad has had a few come to Jesus moments over the last few years and has really taken the mantra ‘live life today’ to heart. One of his big bucket list items was to attend an All-star Game. The cherry on top? This year it was hosted in the Twin Cities, my home town. So, my dad decided he was going and he was bringing some of his favorite people with him.

The pre game entertainment


Before the game we wandered around all the fun games and entertainment going on downtown. You would not have needed any money to enjoy the games and the people watching which was free all around the park. There was even one of the best street performers I have ever seen in the states and who was on par with the best street I have seen around the world.

My cousin and I

My cousin and I


Minnesota All-Star Game

Yes that is our view. Yes that is how small the players seemed to be.

It is a good thing that i don’t have vertigo or a fear of heights, because while my dad chose to bring my cousin (the closest thing i have to a brother) and I to the game with him, along with his wife, he failed to tell us ahead of time that we would be sitting far apart. While I was excited for some one-on-one cousin time I was not very excited about the fact that, while I had sun glasses I forgot my actual glasses and could not actually see anything going on the field. Besides that the sound was projected from under the mega-tron (is that the word?), which was about ten feet above our heads. Remember the teacher from the peanuts comics, that was our sound.


But in the end a cold (overpriced) beer, some good ribs, and some great company made the entire experience worth it.

I feel blessed to have experienced it, though I think this, really should be, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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