Inspired by Mondays

Hey Y’all its Monday again!

If you are like me (and most of America) this means you are probably back to the office. You are back to the trudge and the grind. Like me, you probably sit in a gray cube, and will only see the sun when your run to the mail room or take your hour for lunch. At some point in the day you will probably drift away into thought, excaping on some¬†imaginary vacation. Like you, my creative energy always feels a little drained on Monday, so I’m cheating.

ok I’m only kind of cheating. I am also trying to work on staying positive. To remeber that my job, no matter how boring, is what pays for my travels. While I can’t necessarily come up with an invigorating narrative on travel, I can inspire myself, and isnpire you.

So today I am starting with something extra easy.

The VagaBrothers

These brash brothers are off to travel the world. They have done a lot on their own, but as they always say two heads are better than one. I have included the video for one of their recent adventures in cheese rolling, but check out their page for so many great videos on travel. If you are not one for youTube, check out their slightly less (really still pretty) amazing blog.

Until Next Time

Travel On!