Its all in the tail

Ox tail stew with fried potatoes

Ox tail stew with fried potatoes


Food is one of the greatest manifestations of culture and one of my personal favorites. Over the years and over my travels I have been blessed to try cuisine from all over the world. I even ate a chocolate covered grass-hopper once. (It mostly just tasted like crunchy chocolate) Yet so many travelers just stick to what they know, avoiding anything ‘strange and foreign.’ I hate to break it to you, but if you are traveling in a foreign country, you, my friend, are the foreigner.

You have the right to live in your insular food world, but I think  you are wrong.


Because the sharing of food is a unique and important part of every culture. Because love and companionship is often expressed through the sharing of the meal. And because, quite frankly, it can taste so damn good.

Case in point, ox tail stew.

This was a special treat growing up and is something that the Spanish excel at. Often derived from the tail of a cow, not an ox, this beef is most often slow roasted or stewed. The cooking process breaks down the tendons and connective tissue leaving this rich dark meat soft and tender. It tastes like a standard beef roast, but like 100x better when it is done right.

So go out and explore the food world and check in next week for more savory tails.

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What’s the craziest thing you have ever eaten?