Crocodile Tears and Other Fears

When I was a little girl I thought my dad was invincible, brave and strong. Who else could pull the hooks out of fish and chase away the scary things in the night? As I aged however, I found that my dad and I shared a ‘healthy respect’ for different aspects of life.

Africa drew into light some of these fears and apprehensions (lets just call a duck a duck here).

My papa in all of his glory out in the bush

My papa in all of his glory out in the bush

Crocodile Tears

-by Kurt –

The once and future home of the crocodile

The once and future home of the crocodile

The second day we walked the same river bank. At the end of the walk there is this ten foot dam that creates a wide and deep pool. The dam top is about two feet wide. You can see it behind me here.

Before we crossed it the second day the professional hunter [This was a full on Safari, but more on that later] stops me and says, “Wow, I have never seen one of those here!” It was a 10.5 to 11 foot crocodile sunning on the sand. He was about 75 yards away but he saw us. He slightly opened his jaws and then effortlessly eased his massive body serpent like into the water. Seeing these things in the wild is nothing like seeing them in the zoo!

He was all I could think of when we walked across the 40 yard dam! A reasonable fear? I do not know. It is just that I have seen enough footage of impalas and wildebeest being suddenly pulled from the river bank by crocs! I kept my gun at the ready and tried to look thin and unappetizing! And this is hard for me to do!

Coming up shortly… When snakes ‘attack’

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What would are do you have a ‘healthy respect for?’