When snakes ‘attack’

(Continued from Crocodile Tears and Other Fears)

I love being from a place where nothing that crawls or slides has any real chance of taking me out. Perhaps that means I generally have less fear of snakes, but my dad compensates for any lack of fear I might have in this tale. He thought heading to South Africa would save him any encounter with these tricky foe, but he was not so fortunate.

The South African Bush

The South African Bush

Cobra in the Tall Grass

-By Kurt-

During the first day is where I ran into my one and only snake. Keep in mind, while I am not afraid of snakes, I just have a real respect for anything that can kill you. We were walking a river bank for kudu and I was following the professional hunter (PH)with an intern working for the PH behind me. I heard some rustling in the grass next to me and was looking down when the Pilikie pushed me in the middle of the back and hissed “cobra!”.

It was a “small” spitting cobra. Only three feet or so. That was three feet too long for me!

Safari, South Africa

Have you ever been too close to a cobra? What would you have felt walking near a 3 foot cobra?

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Wonder how Pilikie got his name?

Come back next week to find out. (I promise this is a little tale with big potential)

Safari, South Africa