Summer haiku pt 1

The long days of summer are slowly pulling away from Iowa. School started Monday and I can’t tell if the whirlwind of activity is real or just a feeling rubbing off of the frantic freshman running around Iowa city like a swarm of slightly confused ants, but this is still one of the greatest times of the year in Iowa.The days are warm, the nights cool, and the excitement of a good thunderstorm lifts my spirit every week.

As a part of my final semester here at Iowa I am taking a creative writing class. The structured nature of the class and warm dry humor of my new TA have me feeling poetic and I have been cranking out haikus like it’s my job.

These short poems have always captivated my attention (at least once I started to understand them). So I hope you enjoy today’s poem and tune in tomorrow for another.

Post your own summer haikus and tag this post. Remember the structure is 5-7-5. And bring a modern twist to this great Japanese tradition.

English cider
English green goblin
Summer sonnet acquiesce
Spot six. Empty glass.