Sing in the shower, dance in the rain, and other inspiration from a letter from the past

Today is all about being inspired by the past.

Today is all about being inspired by the past.

First of all happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you are fortunate enough to have the day off and enjoy a long weekend during these dog days of summer. My weekend was filled with fun and family and a little bit of sunburn, which I don’t think has happened in ten years. I’ll fill you in on all that goodness as the week moves on, but today is, as always a day for inspiration. (It’s Monday Duh!)

Today I was handed a letter, by my dad, which I wrote to myself almost five years ago as I was preparing to graduate from High School. (So June 2010) The letter left me feeling proud of myself. Traveling and moving, both in and outside of myself, has been amazing and hard and rewarding and I feel proud of where I have come in the time since I wrote that letter.

That period of my life was not the easiest; as I grew into myself and through the end of childhood. So I won’t share all that I wrote in my letter, but I will share the bit that made me smile the most at the end. It inspired me I hope it at least makes you happy.

A letter from myself at 17 to my 22-year-old self.

Hello there

Wow I do not know how to start a letter to myself. I guess the best option is to just start.

You graduate in less than a month if you get the health project in. (I hope that’s a joke and not a sick reality)

I hope you still know Hannah, that crazy, spunky girl that makes your debate world go ’round. I hope she’s happy in college somewhere. [though she is in Madagascar now!]

I hope you still love to bake. I hope if you still love it as much as you do now that you take the risk and learn about being a baker. If not, you do what it is that you love, no matter what.

Remember how hard you have to work to get where you want and how good it feels when you are done. Remember how much you need other people even when they drive you crazy and you just want to be alone.

Always remember the joy of the first snow and the awakening of the first real storm of the spring. Remember the peace of the woods and the way your heart races calmly when you watch nature awaken around you.

Remember to watch your pennies, but don’t be a penny pincher. Save where you can, but remember how to buy quality.

Remember to feed your soul and feed your body and mind. Remember to go to church and say your prayers wherever you find sanctuary. Remember the healing power of a good book and your favorite song. Remember to cry when you need to .

Sing in the shower; dance in the rain; and live life to the fullest.

Love yourself.

With hope for tomorrow


the zannaz

the zannaz more than 5 years agao. Aren’t we cool?

I hope you all have a beautiful week. Have you ever been inspired by a letter written to yourself? Share some inspiraction and comment below.