My 21st year… according to the internet

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday has never been a big deal. Now, before you freak out, what I mean by that is that it has rarely warranted a big party or to-do. A meal made for me, dessert, family or friends and a few presents and I am primed and ready to go for the next year.

As my birthday day rolls by, without much comment or hurrah, I have been thinking about what the last year has been. On first thought I mostly found myself comparing it to my twentieth year, a year filled with new adventures, new countries and new friends. Most years would likely pale in comparison to that, but I quickly realized that I was counting my year short, forgetting the fun and adventures that were had.

So… to commemorate my old year as I move into the new, I present to you

a visual journey of my year, according to the internet



What is your favorite thing that you have done in the last year? Do you have a cool birthday tradition?