Friday Flashback: Ice-Storm Adventures

This week I found my favorite video from the Camino de Santiago. I have no proper words to describe it, so I did the only logical thing and wrote a poem.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to watch the video. Also, apologies for my mediocre commentary at the beginning, it is worth the watch. I promise.

The kind of rain that was fun. (hint: it didn't rain this time)

The kind of rain that was fun. (hint: it didn’t hail this time)

Ice-Storm Adventure: The Poem

Metallic ping
sandstone thud
the twang of ice on canvass

waters rush
wins stage hush
quick now the camera’s rolling

cliché voice
her poor word choice
now ow, fuck & God damn it

It starts to hurt
this really sucks
the fucker pulled the awning up

Ice-Storm Adventure: The Movie

*caution video contains strong language*