Boob cheese in America




If you are trying to make your roommate really confused and uncomfortable exclaim BOOB CHEESE at your local grocery store. Though if you have ever had this smooth Spanish cheese you won’t blame me for doing just that.

This staple of Galicia was a special treat in Mallorca for our weekly winter tostada dinners. We used to toast hardy Mallorcan bread over the embers of our fire and then sprinkle on olive oil and heap local cheese and sobrasada, a Spanish soft meat, on top. Pair it with olives and you have a miracle of food.

But what about the boob  cheese?

During one of these tostada nights my host dad walks into the room with two giant Hershey kiss shaped pieces of cheese held to his chest.

“Look! Cheese nipples!”

Confused but laughing at his new boobs, my host dad began to explain. This great cows milk cheese is called queso tetilla, which literally translate into cheese nipples. I thought I would never get to have this great soft cheese outside of spain, until last week, when there it was. A cheese boob nestled amongst the other fancy imports.

Talking to the cheese man I found that there is a new campaign to get this D.O. cheese product into US markets and I couldn’t be more excited. I couldn’t be more excited for you! You American consumers! Spain is coming to you in your cheese case. (If you can’t tell I’m excited) So, if you happen to see a cheese nipple in your local cheese case, go forth and purchase and tell me what you think about this Galician delight.