Magic Fish in Vinegar

Stockholm, Sweden

There is something special about white fish soaked in white vinegar, onions, peppercorns and magic. (The magic has to come from somewhere right?) This combination produces firm fish with a sweet and tangy flavor. Pair it with a cracker and I am one happy camper. When it works it is a magical combination.

When it doesn’t work it is one of the worst possible things you could put in your mouth. If I am really honest, I could take or leave most pickled fish, but I come from the land of Finns and Swedes and there is some amazing pickled fish. So, how could I resist the rows of pickled fish options during my first grocery shopping adventure in Sweden.

My friends stoop appalled as I picked out two, TWO , different kinds of fish. One with cream and dill in it and one a traditional pickled white fish.

Stockholm, Sweden

Enjoying feeding fish fish.

I grabbed some tasty crackers and rolled my eyes at my friends as they got giddy over refrigerated milk. (It is not a thing in Spain) We gathered our things and headed down to the water front to enjoy our meal.

Opening the cans I was excited to see each nibblet of fish peeking out at me. I tried the traditional first and it reminded me of Christmases at my dad’s house, where pickled herring is a staple. Excited to try the dill variety as well I stuck it on a cracker and soon discovered the not magicalness of pickled fish. Perhaps my taste buds were not swedish enough for the whole business, but I did not enjoy it. The fish in the canal did though and I happily munched away at the rest of my traditional magic fish in vinegar.

Until next time,

Keep eating the world.