My tortilla is better than yours

Ok. So that is probably a lie.

In fact my tortilla might even have been qualified as painfully mediocre, but it almost, almost, tastes like Spain and I love it.

When I was in Spain I spent a lot of time looking for the flavors of home and now that I am back in the States I find myself looking for Spain in my food. One ‘simple’ food I have just not been able to capture has been tortilla. That was until the German Lady (my roommate) helped me to slow down and cook the potatoes right.


Iowa City, Iowa

Almost. This one was not quite tears worthy, but it was close.

Here are some thoughts on the experience:

  • Holly cow there is a LOT of oil in this. It can’t be healthy.
  • Nope don’t care. Moving on.
  • Poopety pants my pan is WAY too big, like unimaginably too big, but there is no going back now.
  • Now how do we flip it? Will the pizza dish work?
  • Nope. That is a big no.
  • God bless the German Lady, she figured out how to flip it.
  • Ok well kinda
  • doesn’t matter. With mayo it still tastes pretty freaking good.

I can’t wait to make tortilla again, but with a smaller pan this time. If you want to have Spain happen in your mouth try your own hand at tortilla espanola.

Until next time,

Keep eating the world,