Well that f*ing hurt and other thoughts about early sunsets

Cool, no?

Cool, no?

I thought I was so cool. I used to ride horses. I’m totally gunna dismount this giant metal cat like a bad ass.

I lean forward and swing my leg up and…


This is a family friendly blog so I won’t tell you exactly what I said, but it certainly wasn’t very flattering.

I had to be cool though and walked it off as though slamming my shin into a giant metal cat tail didn’t hurt at all.

It did, but I like to think of it as Uppsala wanting to leave me with a lasting impression.

And a lasting impression it certainly did leave.

I was originally going to tell you all about my Halloween adventures, but it looks like I already did. So let me take you on a tour of Uppsala, where I spent the closing days of October in 2012.

Uppsala, Sweden

A river runs through it

(great movie, bad joke)

Uppsala is known for being a university town and one of its most striking features is the river which runs through one of the older parts of town. Running glassy for most of its journey it sits as a perfect reflecting pool for the drooping trees and sturdy foot bridges, which crisscross from side to side.

Uppsala, SwedenImposing churches exist everywhere

Not to be out shone by the grey gothic beauties of the southern states, Uppsala boasts a large red brick church. It was closed for the day when we walked by, but its seat on the hill made it visible for miles around.

Uppsala, Sweden

See large imposing church stage left.

View from the top

If you make it to the top of the hill to check out a closed church, fear not the view is amazing. Uppsala spreads out around the original fortified hill and is all things charming from above.

Uppsala, Sweden

It used to be safe

At the very top of the hill there is a very modern looking château, built some time in the last 200 years, if I am not mistaken. If you make it to the tippy top of the hill however do not head toward the ‘hotel’ head toward the line of old cannons which stand overlooking the hillside. Off to your left will be the remains of the old fortification and castle which once stood guarding Uppsala. I don’t know about you but there is simply something dark and romantic about the ruins of times long gone and these are no exception. (Plus they are free so BONUS!)
Uppsala, SwedenRoam for inspiration

College campuses around the world know how to rock old world charm. Cobble stone paths, gathered students, the hushed feeling of academia when all the students are in class. One morning I wandered around campus while my compatriots fought off some nasty hang overs and I loved it. (the walk not their being sick) The campus feels classic and cozy (and if a friend is to be believed a great study abroad program). It might only take an hour but the campus is well worth a tour.

Uppsala, Sweden

Loving the land of morning people

This close to the arctic circle the sun sets early. The picture above was taken around five in the afternoon. It was a little disconcerting leaving the Mediterranean and losing so much day light. The up side in all of it though, people went to bed earlier and got up earlier. While perhaps a down side for some of you out there, I am decidedly a morning person. It was amazing to leave the club at two with everyone else, not because we were moving on, but because we were going to bed. Not the going out type, but don’t like eating dinner at 10 pm, this place is for you. Like getting up with the sun, Uppsala is your man. This is the land of the morning people and the change in pace was as much a part of Sweden as anything else. This was the land of the morning people and I fell in love.

Until next time,

Wander on,