Pictures from Madagascar: Carniverous Plants

They look big enough to eat a bird.

They look big enough to eat a bird.

When I (LU) think of carnivorous plants I think of little venus fly traps. They are almost cute, flesh melting goo and all.* So when Hannah posted on Facebook about carnivorous plants that are HUGE. I was both excited and terrified. (Little Shop of Horrors anyone?)

So I asked her.

LU: What are they eating? Monkies?! They are so big! (I am never one to over exaggerate)
Hannah: They aren’t actually that big. They’re actually pretty tiny. So, they eat tiny things!
LU: Dream Killer!
Hannah: 😛

Om nom nom. Bugs.

Om nom nom. Bugs.


Perhaps it is good they are not eating people, but they are still big by my midwestern standards.

What are your thoughts on carnivorous plants?

Until next time,

Don’t get eaten by the plants,


The carniverous plants pose

The carnivorous plants pose

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