German Files: Introducing the German Lady


Juli discovering Halloween Candy

I didn’t pick her. I wanted to live with the charming gay transfer student from Chicagoland. Perhaps i was harboring some Will & Grace fantasy, but it was more likely a fear of having zero connection with a hard rock listening, motorcycle riding German Lady.

Well, as is often the case, I was wrong. After my returning roommate Claire reminded me that it was good to help an international exchange student find housing and really did I care as long as she payed rent? Well no. And yes I was once in her position as well, so I ceded the argument and I am so glad that I did.

The German Lady can be neurotic and strangely German. Yet she tolerates my far less tidy existence, laughs at my attempts to speak German (with a very dutch accent), and helped me master (sort of) tortilla española.

I am so glad I get to live with her.

Getting ready for our Speaking on a Stick Tour

Getting ready for our Speaking on a Stick Tour

Juli reminds me of what it ts like to live in and explore a foreign culture. She challenges my world views and teaches me cool German recipes. She makes coffee in the morning and we talk about food, weather, and cultural differences. I am getting to explore the study abroad experience from the other side and I love it.

This is all lovely, but why do you care?

Juli has agreed to let me share her story here, as well as my experiences living with an international exchange student.

Each Wednesday WLN will feature a new story from my life with an exchange student.

Please submit any questions you might have for Juli or comment below.

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We're excited! Are you?

We’re excited! Are you?