That one time I made pink ‘rice krispy’ treats

The hot bubbling pink goo ball looked like something out of a bad science fiction movie. It wasn’t surprising, therefore, that my madre and host sister, Lola, looked at me like I had lost my marbles somewhere between the mercadona (grocery store) and home.

It really was not my fault. I promised I would bring rice crispy treats to a party that evening. I thought it would be a great thing to share with everyone. I mean this is one of the first deserts that every american kid learns how to make. This is a cop-out desert. This should be stupid simple.

So. Not. True.

I wish I had had the thought to turn mine into hearts.


The problems all began when I went to the local mercadona (the all day grocery store by my house). I figured butter, marshmallows and rice cereal would not be that hard to find. Spaniards seem to LOVE marshmallows and gummy treats, plus they eat cereal, right?

Well I did find all of the things I needed eventually, but with a few alterations.

  • Rice cereal only exists in chocolate covered form so I opted for corn puffed cereal instead.
  • There were plenty of marshmallows, but they were all covered in sugar, funny shaped and about six to a bag. I opted for the pink ones. Six or seven bags of them.
  • Butter is not really a thing and while it was the easiest of these three ‘simple’ ingredients to find, it cost a pretty penny in the process.

Needless to say when I unloaded several boxes of cereal, a small mountain of marshmallow bags and several lbs of butter, the woman looking the register looked at me mighty funnily. (not a word I know) I was not deterred and brought it all home.

Which brings us back to the oozing pink pot of good and the incredulous stares of my host family. As often is the case curiosity brought a willingness to help and I convinced Lola to butter her hands and lend me hers in mixing and forming the now pink mass of marshmallow and corn puffs. We shoved them into bread pans lined with wax paper and laughed at each other, slipping bits of sweet sticky sugar into our mouths when her mother was not looking. (don’t tell but we didn’t wash our hands afterwards)

After letting the pink loveliness cool, I wrapped it up and did all of the things one does to prep for a rooftop gathering on a cool spanish evening.

The corn krispies were well received in the end. It helped that the peptobismol pink was now a soft blush color.

And in case any of my spanish friends are out there reading this; the above is a false tale and it really did take me hours to prepare that special american treat for you.

Until next time,
Keep eating the world

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