More Than Just Beaches: The Mallorca I Miss Most

Playa Illetes, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

20 Min from my front door in Palma

I lived on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. For. A. Year. Let me repeat that. I lived on an island in the Mediterranean for a year. It was amazing, beautiful and filled with all of the things you might imagine from living on an island in the Med.

There was sun and sand. There was a Gothic cathedral and winding cobble stone streets, prone to dead ends and quick turns.

Mallorca is a paradise filled with surprises.

You can even check out the largest rose class window in the world.

Where I used to walk the dogs

Mallorca is a paradise filled with Mountains.

Unlike most of the mountains in the United State, you hike Mallorcan mountains in the winter, not the summer. The cool days make grabbing a pack and heading to the mountains one of the best ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I was blessed to be able to complete a one week hiking adventure over Easter and to spend Most Saturdays exploring the island with my host family. This months Friday Flashbacks will be dedicated to some of my favorite hiking adventures.

What to look for this month

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The series:

Have you ever hiked Mallorca? What do you want to know about hiking on this island paradise? What’s the greatest hike you’ve ever taken?