Eat Like a Local in Palma de Mallorca

The phrase ‘Oooh! a McDonalds!’ lets eat there, is one which could make me weep, especially when traveling. We go out to see the world and too often find ourselves surrounded by the familiar, overpriced, and/or icky tourist food.

Eating like a local makes me feel like a local and often makes my mouth the happiest.

This week I am sharing with you five of my favorite hidden gems in Palma de Mallorca. Enjoy and buen provecho!

Celler Pagés

If you are looking for authentic Mallorcan food look no further. Celler Pagés is located just of Pasello del Born down a nondescript back street. Only the terracotta awning, potted plants and lace covered windows let you know that this cellar oasis is there.

The whitewashed walls and ceiling of this former cellar make the small restaurant feel cozy, but not cramped. The decorations are simple and stunning just like the food.  Celler Pages serves classics dishes just like every Mallorca wishes their mother did. From the simplest tortilla espanola, to a crispy and succulent pigs foot this restaurant is likely to offer something for both adventurous and timid pallets. Just make sure that you finish your meal with some of their smooth hierbas, a traditional after dinner drink.

If you ask they will provide a menu in English, Spanish, or German and most of the staff speaks some English.

Cellar Pages is open for lunch, where they have a wonderful menu (preset three course meal), and dinner.

For Dinner service or a larger party I recommend calling to make a reservation day of.

Cafe Barroco

CAfe Barroco, Palma de Mallorca, spainCafe Barroco does only a few things, but they do them very very well. Looking for an amazing salad or tostadas big enough to serve two or more, look no further. Love a great cup of tea or a mind blowing piece of cake, CB has you covered. Delighted by a wandering magician or classic board/hand games, this is the place for you.

This was one of our go to places to have a games night or a casual night out in Palma. Now all that stands between you and the best cake in the city is a sense of adventure and sharp eyes to spot their nondescript sign, which just reads ‘Barocco.’ It is worth it and you will want to share your new find with everyone you know.

 Convento de Santa Clara

My mom discovering the delights of nun cookies.

This group of cloistered nuns (they do not come out, the public does not go in) makes some of the best  cookies and cakes on the island, plus you get to  buy them through a spinning door so that the nuns don’t see you. Though if you are lucky enough to be in Palma at Christmas you will get to meet the nuns face to face as they sell their goods in a side chapel, where they also have some of pretty cool historical artifacts on display.

If you are looking for the Claustro (also called the Monestario de Santa Clara) find your way to the old core of the town east of the main cathedral and keep you eyes open for signs directing you to attractions hidden gems tucked within the labyrinth of streets. The convent will be marked with a cross next to it. Once you find your way there, head through the portal in the wall and into the main courtyard. The turntable is tucked into a small room on the right hand side of the courtyard, near the entrance to the church. Ring the bell, tell the voice on the other side what you would like, put your money on the table, wait for your treats and change to spin around back out, say gracias (thank you), and leave a small donation (it’s just the thing to do.) Then box or bag in hand head off to a cafe, order a coffee and revel in your yummy bit of goodness.

Bon Lloc

Is muy bon (very good). Finding vegetarian, let alone vegan, options can be near impossible in a world where meat products form the core of many meals. Bon Lloc is Palma’s first and arguably best vegetarian/vegan restaurant. They have a daily lunch menu and full options for dinner service. Everything they make is fresh, local and seasonal. The food is honest, simple, and delicious. In the summer they have some of the best chilled soup that I have ever had.

Bol Lloc is just one street of of one of Passeig del Born, one of the main shopping streets in Palma. So instead of finding yourself sitting with so many other tourists treat yourself to something special. The service is fast and friendly and the waiters tend to speak some English (if you don’t speak Spanish) and the menu is available in many languages. Bon Lloc is a treat no matter your dietary preferences.

Ca’n Joan De S’aigo

Fresa! My favorite flavor. It tastes like fresh picked strawberries all year round.

Fresa! My favorite flavor. It tastes like fresh picked strawberries all year round.

Like the other locations on this list this 300 year old ice cream parlor can be a little tricky to find, so keep your eyes peeled for their red awning, but it is worth whatever effort you put in. Ca’n Joan is everything you could ever hope for in a Spanish parlor experience. Rich red velvet chairs, classic blue and white tiles and waiters in open collar white shirts.

Their ice cream is served overflowing from water glasses. Flavors range from traditional strawberry (my favorite) and rich chocolate to more localized flavors, like fresh peach and meringue. You can also treat yourself to a delicious cup of cafe or nibble on one their traditional baked goods. Lets all be honest though, on an island as beautiful as this, you deserve ice cream.


I love to eat like a local, do you? How do you find local eats when you travel?

Until next time,
Keep eating the world