My German roommate can’t stop laughing

 My accurate map of North American Colonization

I like to think that I am pretty good with languages. I speak two so that makes me awesome, no?


It only takes a few minuets of hanging out in the language department at my university or anywhere else in the world to realize that my bilingualism, while something I am proud of, is not really that impressive.

I have tried learning french, but all of those silent letters have proved a problem. Besides how many people in Iowa speak french on a daily basis? It proved hard to practice.

Then I realized I was living with someone who could help me learn another language.

Europe is a tasty place

We were sitting around one night we got talking about history and geography over some wine and Juli slipped into German, which happened more often then. It made me curious and I asked her how to say cream cheese, which happened to be sitting on the table in front of me. It’s Frischkäse, in case you are wondering.

As the night progressed she tried to teach me more though the only other phrase I remember is ‘Caution, speed bumps!’

This will go down in lore as the most useless and entertaining language learning in some time.

A few weeks ago I rediscovered the App Duolingo, a free language learning app. I had been using it to practice French, but why not German?

They don’t have silent letters and I had such strong and useful foundations.

It has actually been a lot of fun, though I am not sure that the phrases I know now are any more useful. (I can tell you that the cat is eating the duck and that the cow is thirsty, among other things) It has been hard, but fun to break my brain on a new language and I think I am becoming one of Juli’s new favorite forms of entertainment. My accent is terrible, I am timid when I talk, and I am having a crazy good time.

I just hope that by the time I have the opportunity to use my new phrases outside of the safety of our apartment I can say something useful that doesn’t give Juli stitches in her side from laughing so hard, but for now I hope we just keep laughing.

Until next time,
Halten Wander,