Letters from Madagascar: An update from the end

If Hannah is no longer in Madagascar can I still call these Letters from Madagascar?

No where better to camp out then in the hallway

Last week Hannah finished up her time studying abroad in the great island state of Madagascar in Africa. I can’t believe that it was already four months ago that I was fenaggling her into writing for this blog. Don’t worry too much though she has promised that she will continue writing about her time there as well as her time in Paris, where she is located currently undergoing the joys of reverse culture shock and gorging herself on chocolate. Lucky girl, no?

But before she left for the city of love she had this to say:

Over 100 days ago, I arrived in Madagascar and had no idea how I would ever learn to be at home here. Now, I am saying goodbye to a home that I love with all my being, and preparing to say hello to my home in the US. What a complicated thing to do. Until next time, Mada. You will always be in my heart.

Until she is back state side and ready to dive into writing again, this will be the last Madagascar update until the new year, but please stick around for other great stories and adventures from the other writers on WanderLust Nation.

Until next time,
Keep on Wandering

Hannah looking pretty in on a gray day in Paris.

Hannah looking pretty in on a gray day in Paris.