German Files: Why America isn’t so bad after all

Iowa City, IA

A few nights ago Juli and I sat down, over a few glasses of wine, and talked about what was great and not so great about living in the States. Here are some things Juli thinks aren’t so bad and one thing she LOVES!

Things that aren’t so bad

That I can walk to my classes

(Juli):[At home] I have to take the train for 90 minuets, but only if everything goes well.

(LU) If it goes wrong how long does it take you?

Oh, longer. Usually the classes are also 90 minuets so it takes more time to go to university and go home again. When I have only one class it sucks and doesn’t make any sense. So when I am kinda late or when I know my train is late I can stay at home, because it is a wast of time and just go through the slides at home; and here it is only 20 minuets walking.

Living alone

Living without my parents, it is kind of a good thing, but also difficult. I can have all my own experiences in the household, like kitchen stuff. And it’s good because now I know I am a tidy person. I mean I knew that I was not a dirty person, but I had no idea I was that tidy.

Learning the language

I don’t know if that counts.

It totally counts!


Something I really like, but it has nothing to do with me, when I stayed with Emily she always said ‘listen.’ Like when we had a funny situation she would say ‘Listen, listen to me. Listen Julia.’ And it was super funny because it made it more fun.

Thrift Shopping

Because of you!

So many nice things and so cheep. Now I have too many cloths though.

I will have to donate some of them back before I go home.

The one thing she will miss the most

Cranberry Walnut bread.

It is a specialty of the local coop where we get all of our food and, even though I saved this one for last, it was the first thing to come out of Juli’s mouth when I asked her what she likes most about the US. This is how she explained why:

[I love it because] I have never had it before and I think I would not have tried it in Germany. My Grandma would come up with that stuff and I would tell her she is crazy to eat something like that, but I love it.


Two thumbs up to an America that doesn’t suck too bad.

Until Next Time,
Keep Wandering,