The view from the top.

The view from the top.

Señora Mendez put far more faith in me than I often did in myself and far more than I deserved. I was a chatter box who could fake it, but somehow she knew I would get it one day. I doubted her, but she was right. After a life changing experience on a bus in Mexico my senior year in High school I decided I HAD to study abroad in Spain. If I thought that bus was life changing, Spain was something else entirely. Universe shifting.

I knew when I came back from a year abroad with CIEE in Palma de Mallorca that I wanted to make travel a part of my life. Not just to see the sight seeing, but to really experience the places. I wanted to travel slower, to explore the small places, to feel and hear the stories of the people around me. I wanted to share these stories and experiences when I got home, but you can only share with your friends and family so many times before they just start to zone out as you tell one more ‘this one time…’ story. The only solution to this seemed to be to share my stories with the internet, an infinite number of people who, for some reason I can’t quite understand, keep coming back for more.

This blog has changed a goodly bit since its inception and continues to change as I work to find the voice of this community. A community I continue to work to grow, because who doesn’t love a good ‘so this one time…’ story?

because this is a community (or I hope it is growing into one) we (because a community is always plural) are always looking for more stories, more experiences and more comments. If you have a story you would like to share, please contact me and we can work to get it posted here as a guest post or a a regular contribution. (For an example see Letters from Madagascar.)

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The Wanderer

You can call me Lu. I am a 20 something studying Spanish and Economics. I am Minnesotan by birth, Iowan by locality, and wanderer at heart.

Happy wandering


Having a grand adventure with my mom in Spain.

Having a grand adventure with my mom in Spain.

The Madre

A big shout out and thank you to my mom, who so lovingly and kindly proofs my posts. (Guest posts edited as noted) This blog would be a jumbled mess of inconsistencies without her. She has imparted a great love of traveling in me, got me to start running, and I only hope I will one day be as beautiful as she is.

A quick note

This blog works to capture the stories and experiences of different cultures and our interchanges with them. Some of the material on this blog may be culturally sensatie. We work to showcase authentic experiences and realities.   These are celebrations which we are honored to witness.It is not our intention to ever show anyone as participants in a spectacle. If you feel that we have failed in this attempt, please let us know by sharing with us on individual posts or directly with the authors of this blog. We take all of your input seriously and are always happy to hear from our readers.