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Silent Sunday: Morning After


Letters from Madagascar: Rain adventures in Manakara

During the two weeks I spent in Manakara, my classmates and I took a three day trip to a lemur research station in Kianjavato (Key-ahn-za-vah-too). We spent those days in the rainforest, getting… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Thoughts on pull carts

Dear Friends and Family, All in all, the situation with my host family was everything I could have hoped for, and more.  Then, to round things off, I absolutely loved the city of… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Magic pools and amazing food

(From November ’14) To my lovely family and friends, After about a week and a half in, I packed up my still-wet stuff and we headed off to a site managed by Missouri Botanical… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Dancing for joy in the rain

Hannah is home again, but continues to share stories and letters she wrote from madagascar. Over the next… WLN will continue to share her adventures with you.  (written November 2014) Hello Family and… Continue reading

Auxiliares application pt. 2: Lord Protect me; I have been a fool

(It’s Monday right? Because yesterday was the weekend. Anyway, moving on…) Growing up it was not uncommon for someone to say ‘the Lord (God) protects the stupid and the young,’ I may no… Continue reading

German Files: Why America isn’t so bad after all

A few nights ago Juli and I sat down, over a few glasses of wine, and talked about what was great and not so great about living in the States. Here are some things Juli thinks aren’t so bad and one thing she LOVES!

Letters from Madagascar: An update from the end

If Hannah is no longer in Madagascar can I still call these Letters from Madagascar? Last week Hannah finished up her time studying abroad in the great island state of Madagascar in Africa.… Continue reading

That one time I was in a Mallorcan magic show

Fun fact: the Balearic islands have two official languages, Castellano, Spanish, and Mallorquín, a derivative of Catalán. Fun fact: I only speak one of those languages, the former Fun fact: I was in… Continue reading

My German roommate can’t stop laughing

I like to think that I am pretty good with languages. I speak two so that makes me awesome, no? No. It only takes a few minuets of hanging out in the language… Continue reading

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