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Silent Sunday: Arriving in Stockholm


Boob cheese in America

Why yelling LOOK BOOBS at a grocery store is totally ok, as long as you are talking about cheese.

Letters From Madagascar: Antananari​vo

– From Hannah – First, a quick update on Kevin: he made it to South Africa, was treated quickly and competently, and is now back in the US and at his University, attending… Continue reading

Uppsala on wheels

‘Help me. I’m poor’ said every college student to visit Sweden ever. Don’t be fooled by the ten to one conversion rate (1 USD for every 10 Kroner) because when you decide that… Continue reading

Silent Sunday: Stockholm Reflections

“My people! I’ve arrived!” and other reflections on Sweden

I woke up as the bus hit a jolt and saw the country side whizzing by. ‘I’m home,’  I thought and drifted back to sleep. As we hit the next bump and my… Continue reading

Friday Flashback: Ice-Storm Adventures

This week I found my favorite video from the Camino de Santiago. I have no proper words to describe it, so I did the only logical thing and wrote a poem. Please enjoy… Continue reading

Pa amb Oli

Pa amb oli. If you say it really fast it sounds like baloney, like the sausage. Yet this Spanish staple is far simpler and has found a far surer place in my heart. Pa amb oli means… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Trouble in Paradise

Hannah sent her first letter from Madagascar today. When the ping showed up on my phone I had to pull over (in the middle of a five hour drive) just to be able… Continue reading

Silent Sunday: Palma Love

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