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Go Once A Year

“Once a year go somewhere you have never been before” ~Dali Lama
A Wednesday reflection on yearly travel and a sneak peak at my trip to NYC!


Playa de Illetes, Primera vez

On my first week in Mallorca we visited a beach called Illetes. It is at the end of a bus line on the outside of town. It is where the locals go to… Continue reading

Finding the Begnining: First Impressions

As blogs often evolve, ambition often out passes reality. So here is my first reworked album. It felt right to start at the begining, so here it is, my first 24 hours in… Continue reading

Don’t panic. Buy a jacket!

Anyone who travels extensively is likely to tell you “PACK LIGHT!” but what does that really mean? While there are blogs dedicated to the topic of what to pack when you travel I… Continue reading

Something closely resembling art

  I have made something closely resembling art. One of the wonders of working your way towards a liberal arts degree is the necessity of taking classes outside of your specialty area. This… Continue reading

Silent Snow Serenades

One of the things I was most nostalgic about during my year living on an island in the Mediterranean was snow. I missed the way it transformed the world through its blanket of… Continue reading

Monday Morning Sunset: Farewell Sweden

Part two of the surprises in Stockholm Sunset series this weeks pictures show the delights to be found when the sun goes down.

Friday Flashback: Guns and other blunders

It is often what makes us different that makes us interesting, but it is also what can get us in trouble. Guns and other blunders reflects on my gun experiences abroad.

Monday Morning Sunset Comes Too Soon

It is often the difference in life which make us sit up and take notice. This first part of a two part sunset series shows some of these sharp differences in time between the great Midwest and this Scandinavian beauty known as Stockholm.

Monday Morning Sunset: Stockholm

As I remissness about Sweden, it seems right to show you Sweden at sunset. Every night we were in Stockholm there were beautiful sunsets. The fact that they took place at 5pm was… Continue reading

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