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Letters from Madagascar: Rain adventures in Manakara

During the two weeks I spent in Manakara, my classmates and I took a three day trip to a lemur research station in Kianjavato (Key-ahn-za-vah-too). We spent those days in the rainforest, getting… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Thoughts on pull carts

Dear Friends and Family, All in all, the situation with my host family was everything I could have hoped for, and more.  Then, to round things off, I absolutely loved the city of… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Magic pools and amazing food

(From November ’14) To my lovely family and friends, After about a week and a half in, I packed up my still-wet stuff and we headed off to a site managed by Missouri Botanical… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Dancing for joy in the rain

Hannah is home again, but continues to share stories and letters she wrote from madagascar. Over the next… WLN will continue to share her adventures with you.  (written November 2014) Hello Family and… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: An update from the end

If Hannah is no longer in Madagascar can I still call these Letters from Madagascar? Last week Hannah finished up her time studying abroad in the great island state of Madagascar in Africa.… Continue reading

Photos from Madagascar: Proof of Life

Hannah is working on more updates (or so she promises), but I can promise she is alive and well (in case you were all wondering). She has been out doing field research (something… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Reflections on Privilege

After the week was over, after a final dance competition where all the villages came together, after changing out of my smelly, stained clothing and into a clean, flea-less swimsuit and lamba, after… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Zebu, Dancing and Personal Space

On our next morning in Faux Cap, Lili, a Malagasy student at the Centre Ecologique à Libanona (CEL), and I met our host family and travelled to our village.  Lili was my translator,… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: The land of Faux Cap

Greetings!  After being on the road for the last month, I am kind of sort of in one place long enough to start catching up.  But not really.  So I’m just going to… Continue reading

Pictures from Madagascar: Carniverous Plants

When I (LU) think of carnivorous plants I think of little venus fly traps. They are almost cute, flesh melting goo and all.* So when Hannah posted on Facebook about carnivorous plants that… Continue reading

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