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Letters from Madagascar: Trouble in Paradise

Hannah sent her first letter from Madagascar today. When the ping showed up on my phone I had to pull over (in the middle of a five hour drive) just to be able… Continue reading

When snakes ‘attack’

(Continued from Crocodile Tears and Other Fears) I love being from a place where nothing that crawls or slides has any real chance of taking me out. Perhaps that means I generally have… Continue reading

Crocodile Tears and Other Fears

When I was a little girl I thought my dad was invincible, brave and strong. Who else could pull the hooks out of fish and chase away the scary things in the night?… Continue reading

Savannah Saturday

I am excited to announce that Wanderlust Nation will be introducing it’s first co-blogging adventure. Even if it IS with my Dad! (We are making this a family adventure) When I started writing… Continue reading

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