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That one time I was in a Mallorcan magic show

Fun fact: the Balearic islands have two official languages, Castellano, Spanish, and Mallorquín, a derivative of Catalán. Fun fact: I only speak one of those languages, the former Fun fact: I was in… Continue reading

Silent Sunday: Busy as a Bee

Mallorca by Mountain: An Easter Adventure

We put training wheels on our bikes so we can learn how to ride. I though that hiking the Dry Stone Route in Mallorca would be a great set of training wheels for… Continue reading

Eat Like a Local in Palma de Mallorca

The phrase ‘Oooh! a McDonalds!’ lets eat there, is one which could make me weep, especially when traveling. We go out to see the world and too often find ourselves surrounded by the… Continue reading

Small Program; Big Adventure: Hiking with CIEE

One side is Mountains on side beach. CIEE helped us find some great beaches during our first month on the island, but I was most struck by the other side of the island, the… Continue reading

More Than Just Beaches: The Mallorca I Miss Most

I lived on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. For. A. Year. Let me repeat that. I lived on an island in the Mediterranean for a year. It was amazing, beautiful and filled… Continue reading

That one time I made pink ‘rice krispy’ treats

The hot bubbling pink goo ball looked like something out of a bad science fiction movie. It wasn’t surprising, therefore, that my madre and host sister, Lola, looked at me like I had… Continue reading

Why you should study in Mallorca, segunda parte

Most everyone you will talk to will tell you that studying abroad is one of the best life decisions that a person can make. They will tell you go as far as you… Continue reading

When food makes you weep

I’m standing in front of a room of my peers trying to remember what it was I was supposed to be doing. Power Point. Click next. Job completed my brain returns all focus to… Continue reading

Pa amb Oli

Pa amb oli. If you say it really fast it sounds like baloney, like the sausage. Yet this Spanish staple is far simpler and has found a far surer place in my heart. Pa amb oli means… Continue reading

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