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My 21st year… according to the internet

My birthday has never been a big deal. Now, before you freak out, what I mean by that is that it has rarely warranted a big party or to-do. A meal made for… Continue reading

In a land without stars

We party on high! New York City can be a romantic place, especially at night, on a rooftop with the lights of Manhattan glittering in the distance. In New York the spotlights of… Continue reading

Shoulda Woulda Coulda Freestyle

A bonus! A quick look at a few extra things to do in NYC which won’t cost you a penny.

Green High Tops

Sometimes beauty is grown, sometimes it is made, sometimes it is both rolled into one. Explore the High Line and its wonderful combination of grown and made beauties.

The Art at the Heart of it All

Art is one of the greatest manifestations of self. Art can be pretentious, elaborate, simple. Art can be moving and boring and transcendent. Sometimes art sucks. I wish I had known how well the Metropolitan Museum of Art would make me feel all of these things.

A Journey Through Time and Space

The American Museum of Natural history is bound to draw you through both space and time as it explores different cultural and natural landscapes around the world and… around the galaxy.

Museum Madness! and it only cost me pennies

Ok so it cost me a little more than pennies, only five hundred a piece (that’s five dollars) a piece and I could not have spent them better. Both the American Museum of… Continue reading

Free to be Free

Sometimes the best thing in life really are free. The first part of this three part series finds us at the Bronx Zoo.

Ackward photographer photos

Once upon a time I became the camera lady, but my mom cired ‘OH NO! but I can’t see you!’ And so the ackward photo is born. Enjoy!

Falling in Love with a Bagel

New York City seduced me with food. Find out how a simple bagel could make a girl fall in love.

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