That one time I made pink ‘rice krispy’ treats

The hot bubbling pink goo ball looked like something out of a bad science fiction movie. It wasn’t surprising, therefore, that my madre and host sister, Lola, looked at me like I had… Continue reading

German Files: Introducing the German Lady

I didn’t pick her. I wanted to live with the charming gay transfer student from Chicagoland. Perhaps i was harboring some Will & Grace fantasy, but it was more likely a fear of… Continue reading

Pictures from Madagascar: Carniverous Plants

When I (LU) think of carnivorous plants I think of little venus fly traps. They are almost cute, flesh melting goo and all.* So when Hannah posted on Facebook about carnivorous plants that… Continue reading

Bilbao Beuaty

Stockholm by Night

Stockholm is a beautiful city. The water ways mean that ships, boats and ferries abound. It also means that on a quiet night the still water reflects the beauty of the city. Enjoy this… Continue reading

Well that f*ing hurt and other thoughts about early sunsets

I thought I was so cool. I used to ride horses. I’m totally gunna dismount this giant metal cat like a bad ass. I lean forward and swing my leg up and… WHACK! This… Continue reading

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Sweden!

My tortilla is better than yours

Ok. So that is probably a lie. In fact my tortilla might even have been qualified as painfully mediocre, but it almost, almost, tastes like Spain and I love it. When I was… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Homestay Challenges

-Post by Hannah – Hello again! I live in a small, stone house not far off of the main road.  My family is well off, relative to most of Fort Dauphin.  The main… Continue reading

Silent Sunday: The German Lady discovers haloween candy

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