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Pa amb Oli

Pa amb oli. If you say it really fast it sounds like baloney, like the sausage. Yet this Spanish staple is far simpler and has found a far surer place in my heart. Pa amb oli means… Continue reading

Silent Sunday: Palma Love

Silent Sunday: Deia

Ten reasons why you should live/study in Mallorca

After resolving any confusion regarding where I studied, the next question was always ‘Why Palma?’ The obvious answer is, because it is an island in the Mediterranean, but here are my top ten… Continue reading

Paradise after dark for five euros or less

Whenever I tell someone I spent a year living in Palma de Mallorca (and usually following an explanation of where Palma is) their response is something like ‘Wow! It must have been like… Continue reading

Were you in Barcelona or Madrid? … No.

“Were you in Barcelona or Madrid?’ Now perhaps I have developed a bit of a tolerance to this type of question. For the last five years when I tell people I go to… Continue reading

7445 Hours Later

7445 hours ago I published this nervously excited post on my then blog. I was getting ready to start my first day at the Universitat de les isles Baleares, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. I… Continue reading

Playa de Illetes, Primera vez

On my first week in Mallorca we visited a beach called Illetes. It is at the end of a bus line on the outside of town. It is where the locals go to… Continue reading

Finding the Begnining: First Impressions

As blogs often evolve, ambition often out passes reality. So here is my first reworked album. It felt right to start at the begining, so here it is, my first 24 hours in… Continue reading

Don’t panic. Buy a jacket!

Anyone who travels extensively is likely to tell you “PACK LIGHT!” but what does that really mean? While there are blogs dedicated to the topic of what to pack when you travel I… Continue reading

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