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Driving while ugly crying is not recommended.

Sometimes the tears made it hard to see and the semi-hysterical breathing occasionally hampered my steering abilities. All the while the dark hole feeling in my chest led to some questionable speed decisions.… Continue reading

Silent Sunday: Can you find me in Google street view?

Auxiliares application pt. 2: Lord Protect me; I have been a fool

(It’s Monday right? Because yesterday was the weekend. Anyway, moving on…) Growing up it was not uncommon for someone to say ‘the Lord (God) protects the stupid and the young,’ I may no… Continue reading

Shaking fingers and pressing send: Auxiliares Application Pt. 1

I shook my head in frustration as I entered my birthday for what felt like the hundredth time. Day. Month. Year. Year written as the full date. Days and weeks with zeros before… Continue reading

That one time I was in a Mallorcan magic show

Fun fact: the Balearic islands have two official languages, Castellano, Spanish, and Mallorquín, a derivative of Catalán. Fun fact: I only speak one of those languages, the former Fun fact: I was in… Continue reading

Tales from the camino: The Middle of the Road

The days passed one after the other, blurring into a series of moments, events without specific days, but falling instead into jumbled heaps of times, of waking, walking and life. We rose every… Continue reading

Yes I’ll eat that

There have been few moments in my life when I find myself hesitating before eating something. Usually the feeling is induced by mass-produced mystery meat or something else completely unidentifiable, but even then…… Continue reading

Silent Sunday: Busy as a Bee

Mallorca by Mountain: An Easter Adventure

We put training wheels on our bikes so we can learn how to ride. I though that hiking the Dry Stone Route in Mallorca would be a great set of training wheels for… Continue reading

Eat Like a Local in Palma de Mallorca

The phrase ‘Oooh! a McDonalds!’ lets eat there, is one which could make me weep, especially when traveling. We go out to see the world and too often find ourselves surrounded by the… Continue reading

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