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Stockholm by Night

Stockholm is a beautiful city. The water ways mean that ships, boats and ferries abound. It also means that on a quiet¬†night the still water reflects the beauty of the city. Enjoy this… Continue reading

Stockholm by Water (without spending a fortune)

Stockholm is often termed the Venice of Scandinavia and not without warrant. The city is built on an elaborate series of canals and islands. It sits on the second largest archipelago in the… Continue reading

Magic Fish in Vinegar

There is something special about white fish soaked in white vinegar, onions, peppercorns and magic. (The magic has to come from somewhere right?) This combination produces firm fish with a sweet and tangy… Continue reading

Silent Sunday: Skating in Stockholm

Finding a new ‘Potts’ in Sweden

I thought there could only be one of him. That it would be physically impossible for there to be someone so unapologetically enthusiastic and strnage, but then I met his clone in Stockholm.

Silent Sunday: Stockholm Reflections

“My people! I’ve arrived!” and other reflections on Sweden

I woke up as the bus hit a jolt and saw the country side whizzing by. ‘I’m home,’¬† I thought and drifted back to sleep. As we hit the next bump and my… Continue reading

Monday Morning Sunset: Farewell Sweden

Part two of the surprises in Stockholm Sunset series this weeks pictures show the delights to be found when the sun goes down.

Monday Morning Sunset Comes Too Soon

It is often the difference in life which make us sit up and take notice. This first part of a two part sunset series shows some of these sharp differences in time between the great Midwest and this Scandinavian beauty known as Stockholm.

Monday Morning Sunset: Stockholm

As I remissness about Sweden, it seems right to show you Sweden at sunset. Every night we were in Stockholm there were beautiful sunsets. The fact that they took place at 5pm was… Continue reading

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