That one time I was in a Mallorcan magic show

Fun fact: the Balearic islands have two official languages, Castellano, Spanish, and Mallorquín, a derivative of Catalán. Fun fact: I only speak one of those languages, the former Fun fact: I was in… Continue reading

My German roommate can’t stop laughing

I like to think that I am pretty good with languages. I speak two so that makes me awesome, no? No. It only takes a few minuets of hanging out in the language… Continue reading

Yes I’ll eat that

There have been few moments in my life when I find myself hesitating before eating something. Usually the feeling is induced by mass-produced mystery meat or something else completely unidentifiable, but even then…… Continue reading

Photos from Madagascar: Proof of Life

Hannah is working on more updates (or so she promises), but I can promise she is alive and well (in case you were all wondering). She has been out doing field research (something… Continue reading

Silent Sunday: Pie day 5k

German Files: The land of 10,000 lakes

You just can’t get there from here is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in Iowa, especially if you don’t own a car. This state is vast and flat and the… Continue reading

Letters from Madagascar: Reflections on Privilege

After the week was over, after a final dance competition where all the villages came together, after changing out of my smelly, stained clothing and into a clean, flea-less swimsuit and lamba, after… Continue reading

Silent Sunday: Busy as a Bee

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